How to Care for a Gravestone

Once you lay your loved one to rest, you might want to maintain their gravesite every once in a while. Some people cut the grass around the grave; others bring new flowers or even clean the headstone.

If you choose to clean, you will need to right supplies to not wear out the finish on the grave marker.

Below are few tips for caring for your loved one’s gravestone.

Step 1: Assess the condition of the gravestone

Aggressive cleaning of the gravestone only wears it out and could result in damage. So, you want to be exceedingly gentle when handling the headstone. Before you go rubbing and scrubbing, ask yourself, Does the gravestone need cleaning?

Step 2: Get your supplies

Time and weather have their way of deteriorating the condition of a headstone. So, if you are to clean, be keen on the products you use to help keep the pristine look for longer.


Harsh chemicals damage stones

Ionic cleaners contain salts that damage gravestones

So, choose a non-ionic cleanser to remove the dirt on the headstone.

Once you have the cleaner, gather the rest of your supplies, like water, soft cloth, or sponge, to clean the stone. Remember to avoid metallic scrubbing pads as they scratch the headstone.

Step 3: Get cleaning

Always clean the headstone with extreme care. Look out for cracks and flaking, which are obvious signs of damage. In that case, proceed cautiously, and avoid putting pressure on these weak points.

When cleaning a granite headstone, mix some cleanser with the proper water ratio, as indicated on the label.

Start by wiping down the first layer of dirt with a damp cloth or sponge before going in with a soft brush.

Always start from the bottom to avoid leaving patches as you clean.

Laying your loved one to rest is painful. However, cleaning their headstone could offer some solace. However, do not do it too often, as you could end up damaging the gravestone.