Home Brewing – A Very Rewarding Hobby

All grains are much more sophisticated than Extract Brewing, and require precise measurements and proper temperature control. The fermentation process takes longer. However, there are countless options available for you now, and this allows the brewery to have more control over the final flavor of the drink. It also opens the door to more beers than can be made.

You can read more online and on my blog about regression, partial mash, and all the fermentation of grains to learn more. How you go home brewing is entirely up to you. You may want to progress through the home brewing levels, and try and master each level. You may want to skip the level.

Or, you can decide to stay one way and brew this way at a time. You can brew some beer, and brew it another way. Regardless, there are many ways to make a great beer, and that’s what is so cool about brewing a home – find what works for you, and in the end, no matter how you get there, you’ll have what all the home brewers aspire to – drink The house is delicious