Best Home Brewing: The Learning Curve

As you learn more about brewing beer at home, you’ll find that there is more than one way to make beer. Here is a quick decline of the various levels of home brewing. Keep in mind that although you don’t have to start on one level and work your way up through progress, it is possible (and it is recommended) to start downward when you first start home brewing. This is simply because the start of fermentation is stripped to the basics – allowing beginners to understand the basics of home brewing first, before expanding and trying out some of the many variables involved in making beer.

Once you get the solid foundation set, you can then go out in all sorts of directions. The reason why home brewers advance through the levels is simply that as you advance, you have more control over the final flavor of the beer. You have more options in the home brewing process – different types of ingredients, different ways to combine ingredients, more recipes to use, or even create your own).

For most beginners, an introduction to the home brewing world is the beer ingredient group. Kit in a box, all you need to make beer in one simple package. You can simply pour the barley extract into a plant, while you’re on your way. This type of fermentation is called Extract Brewing, because you do not use actual grains for fermentation. Instead, use malt extract in either liquid or dry form.