It can be a very tough and trying decision which you and your partners may find yourselves having to make. It can be one, or it can be many. I refer to finances and the many mind-boggling decisions that must be made on a regular day to day business, especially if you are a business or partnership. A financial advisor or counselor like Doug Foshee can help you in such cases.


So how do we ease up the load even if just a slight bit? Here is how, and I will show you more: using twitter, for starters. Let me explain. Here is but a quote of practical wisdom for the modern day competition:

“Many other financial institutions are jumping on the social media bandwagon with the goal of attracting and engaging customers. They navigate company guidance and industry regulations to share industry news, respond to client questions and even address problems or concerns. Clients are responding…”

[http://money.usnews.com/money/personal-finance/articles/2015/06/03/why-the-financial-services-industry-started-tweeting, pg. 1]

Wait. It is not over….far from it. There is more. This article continues:

“A survey of 500 financial advisors by Corporate Insight released earlier this year found that two out of three advisors use social media for business reasons. The most popular choice is LinkedIn (52 percent), followed by Facebook (24 percent) and Twitter (13 percent).” (pg. 1, continued)

If I could give but one of the many pieces of useful information regarding what is keeping some competition behind, and others way ahead of the game…..it would be this: the use of current technological advancements and resources as a whole. To narrow the gap, even more, I specifically mean this: the use of social media.


To be even more specific, I say twitter. Linked In is amazing as well; do not forget that. Yet with twitter, one can have such a number of financial followers and support/viral tweets coming in from such a number of angles…that it is truly mind boggling and astounding at the same time. It can almost leave one speechless.

Now, we know what social media can do. The same goes for advertising, proper marketing, and word of mouth. How about the three combined?

For example, twitter offers a limitless number of pages specifically on the topic of financial services. Believe me; I have done the research for myself here, prior to bringing you this very up to the minute information which you are now reading. Do take my word for it, but if that is not enough……then merely hop onto twitter’s main web page or even Google something to the form of ‘financial services twitter pages’ and see how many endless results pop up like little garden seeds at the end of a very fresh spring summer day. It is amazing, and I will leave it at that.

Now, when you have a certain number of people in your financial business….you an afford to delegate a bit. What I mean is this…those services with more employees can give the additional task of networking online, without losing money. Make it an added employee task.

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